GDM, galerie de multiples, Paris

At this time when the utopias seem to belong to a past that no longer exists, how to inherit and try to live, even modestly, with some ideas that have formed and forged our consciousness?

Gdm, galerie de multiples wish, as part of the Edition Section of ART-O-RAMA, clearly reinvests the questions of accessibility of contemporary art and of ability to make contemporary art an art of living.

The gallery will present the Collection 100%, collection that allows them to edit/release the artworks of 100 artists, in 100 copies numbered and signed, sold for 100 euros. The print quality, the investment and the requirement of the artists for this edition, the recognition of critics, allow the gallery to oppose an accessibility policy, that they claim, to a popularization of art, that they reject.

Furthermore, the gallery will present a series of artworks destined to become everyday objects. Will be presented a puzzle realized with Martin Parr. Producing a puzzle makes sense in the work of Martin Parr who continues to be the witness of the cultural habits of all social classes, and therefore also the most popular ones.

Will also be presented a “hammer” created by designer Robert Stadler. The challenge/concern of this item was to be a design object with a function (it actually serves as a real hammer) and to be an art object at the same time: it shows what belongs to the experience but escapes the vision (as only the artworks know how to do): it shows us the shock wave caused by the use of a hammer.

Finally, the gallery will present ‘wineglasses’ designed by Peter Downsbrough. These glasses are more similar to a derived object. But the quality of Peter Downsbrough’s work for this edition, matching entirely the requirement of his entire work, draws away these glasses from any spirit of popularization.