Gdm, galerie de multiples, Paris

In 2017, we participate avidly at Art-O-Rama new edition. A er paving the way of what publisher accessibility work could be, we wanted to focus on another side of Galerie de Multiples’ work : unique multiple. Since the very beginning of the gallery, some artists wished produced “unique multiple”, artworks which belong to the same series, share the same intention and same medium (painting, photography, sculpture…), but which are all di erent.

These works are at the edge of unique work and multiple. It can be a series of Noël Dolla’s smoke painting. On her monochrome, Noël Dolla “paint” with a burning candle positioned everytime di erently.

It can also be a photography, unique but colored, with crayons and paint, always in di erent way, like in Davide Balula’s work. Again, the artiste creative move is at the same time a generous act.  The multiplicity of the series allowed us to sell an unique artwork for the same price as a multiple.

The production of unique multiple is also the occasion of lead a reflexion on the definition itself of a multiple : what’s a original multiple work? what’s a unique piece? Are di erent artworks with the same purpose and the same material unique work or multiple ?  is is the kind of reflection, the ones we have almost daily basis with the artists, we want to share, with the same vivacity, with Art-O-Rama art lovers and collectors. Therefore, we’ll present on GDM stand… a representative choice of unique multiples which we though as a thematic exhibition, a series of artworks selection grouped under the titled “serial dealer”.



Vincent Beaurin & Patrick de Glo de Besses

Sans titre , 2017
Dalle Led, stained glass, electric equipment
Frame dimensions : 30 x 30 cm
Series of unique work
Courtesy Gdm, galerie de multiples, Paris

Julien Carreyn

Cindy à Dompcevrin, 2017
Photography, 40 x 60 cm
Courtesy Gdm, galerie de multiples, Paris

Florian et Michael Quistrebert

Silkscreen, 2015
60 x 40 cm
Courtesy Gdm, galerie de multiples, Paris