Gandy, Bratislava

For ART-O-RAMA, Gandy Gallery will present “Step by Step”, a curatorial project based on a poem by Antonio Machado. This project gathers works by 3 artists of the same generation from former Czechoslovakia: Denisa Lehocká from Bratislava (Slovak Republic), Zbyněk Baladrán and Adam Vackář from Prague (Czech Republic).

In this project, what is common to the artists is a raving of associative nets which are (self)generated by “writing/reading” works and “the space between”. Each work functions as a representation to much larger territory of questioning. It initiates that questioning, that distension. The raving builds overlappings between them, in “the space between”, connecting them together.
Where Zbyněk Baladrán and Adam Vackář ensue radical conceptual strategies, Denisa Lehocká, as a contra-position to their methodologies, works with intuition purely. Zbyněk Baladrán is busy with analysing structures of labour, theory/practice, geography, language, time and mind in terms of radically reductive vocabulary. Adam Vackář creates performative objects. Objects which document performance and/or initiate it. Denisa Lehocká deals with questions of body, family, society, nature in the form of expanded drawing, painting, object and installation.