SARIEV Contemporary, Plovdiv

Rada Boukova

August 29 – September 14, 2019

Sariev Contemporary


“One and the other”, Rada Boukova Solo Show


With the unprecedented installation “One and the other”, Rada Boukova pursues a meditation that haunts all her work and to which she recently had the opportunity to give a new twist with the project “How We live” developed with Lazar Lyutakov for the count of the Bulgarian Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennale.


Noting that the important role that plays Decorative Arts in our daily lives is less and less appreciated and more and more threatened by indifference, the Franco-Bulgarian artist (Sofia, 1973) wished to affirm, once again, the precepts she has always estimed and followed up which are : every object at home must be beautiful, useful, present because all work must be a joy to accomplish since there is nothing more important for an existence than to follow the path of beauty, friendship and solidarity.


“Ideal interior design”, the “One and the other” gallery booth display will consist of five artistic artifacts and one performance to each of which are intimately attached the memories of the cities that have forever transformed her life, namely : Vienna, Paris, Venice, Sofia, Istanbul and Marseille.


This is, of course, through these six emotional loci, a Chinese portrait of the artist by herself but also, and especially, a certain humanist idea of Europe that still allows some works of art to connect, via Venice’s arsenals, Vienna’s libraries and Sofia train station, the spirit of Brittany’s cliffs to that of the Bosphorus banks, immense, precious and fragile pan-european philosophical inheritance of which Rada Boukova, a simple consequence of her East – West – East existential journeys and related cultural formations, is an emblematic depository and an active ambassador.