galerieACDC, Brest

galerieACDC was opened in Brest on May 1st, 2006 by the duo Emeric Ducreux & Simon Giquel. By taking a chance on young artists, the gallery’s goal is to discover new talent and to promote their artists’ work internationally. It has also taken risk with its location, Brest, a city far removed from the major established art centers. In so doing, the gallery stands up to the clichés that some would identify it with and, thus, positions itself in a clearly defined relationship between the local and the global.

For the 2008 edition of Art-O-Rama, galerieACDC will be presenting an exhibition entitled Gentlemen Farmer: a reflection on its geographic placement and its Breton identity, taking into consideration notions of rural life, beliefs and local traditions, by playing on the clichés that so often are attributed to it. The exhibition will include the photographic and documentary work of Vincent Victor Jouffe, fetish sculptures by Tony Regazzoni, pyrographies by Pascal Rivet, a monumental sculpture by Bruno Peinado and performance art by Bettina Hutschek.

Vincent Victor Jouffe (born in 1968, lives and works in Saint Mélior des Bois and in Rennes) works with photography and film on the notions of memory, transmission, progress and disappearance, by conducting documentary assemblages, concentrating on a pre-determined geographic area and on an activity that serves as witness to rural life: agricultural fairs.

The work of Tony Regazzoni (born in 1982, lives and works in Paris) revolves around the idea of fetishism, whether directly, through his work as a producer of works of art, or through the imagery inspired by its production. He will be presenting a new work expressly created for Art-O-Rama.

Pascal Rivet (born in 1966, lives and works in Brest and Plouzané) questions the symbolic representations of the working world. His multi-faceted body of work encompasses sculpture and its installation, drawing and photography.

Bruno Peinado’s works (born 1970, lives in Douarnenez and elsewhere) is in permanent extension. It nourishes itself constantly and abundantly from all kinds of cultures and it is rich of proliferating and diverse references. Mixing is a way for him to invent new links between art and other cultural expressions. In Peinado’s works, the art world and everyday life jumble together. He considers creolization as a permanent and accidental meeting between heterogeneous elements that, being put together, crush, exchange, and draw links while connecting to a larger network that ramifies like a rhizome.

Bettina Hutschek (born in 1977, lives and works in Brest and Berlin) has developed a mixed, yet coherent, practice that includes writing, photography, video and performance. Her poetic ramblings are born from a heightened observation of reality, inspired by historical and scientific documents.