GDM…, Paris

Rafaela Lopez, Antoine Marquis and ORLAN

“What can a body do?” Spinoza asked in his Ethics. We were thinking, like so many others before us, about this question that runs through the history of philosophy but also that of art. And we had, before the pandemic, before the lockdown, thought of bringing together two or three artists around this question. Few artists so that the stand/exhibition would not be an illustration of the question but a reformulation of it.
Covid 19 will have reinforced, for us, the relevance of the moment to ask again the question of the body.
Our participation in Art-o-rama would allow us to present three very different artists, each of whom works in a recurring, even obsessive way, starting from, with or towards the body.

Rafaela Lopez, already known by Art-o-rama aficionados, has created a work based on the LSD experiments conducted by the CIA on the navies. What can a drugged body do? How does a drugged mind drive a body?
Rafaela Lopez has made a series of drawings of tattoos that are like so many LSD “trips” produced by the CIA.

In a very different register, we will present new drawings by Antoine Marquis, as well as the last series of ceramics that he has made. The representation of the body, the “disguised” body, the fetishised body, are the different appearances of the body in the work of Antoine Marquis. The body and its double (fetishized with the help of props, dramatized by costumes, etc.), are in the scenes of Antoine Marquis (as in life?) actants, voluntary or passive authors of the spectator’s gaze.

Since her first famous work, The Kiss, ORLAN has placed the body in general, and the female body in particular, at the centre of her practice as well as at the centre of her thought. The ORLANoïde, of which we will present photographs from its conception to its realization, is a new evolution, and a new questioning, of the body.



Rafaela Lopez

Bottle dead fish
Courtesy GDM...

Antoine Marquis

Costumes pour un spectacle (Dragons)Series (2019)
glazed ceramic, 13,5 x 8,5 x 1 cm each
Courtesy GDM...


Liberté en écorchée pour l’Octobre rose (2015)
Colored photograph, 60 x 40 cm
Edition of 50 numbered and signed
Courtesy GDM...