GDM, Paris

Neïl Beloufa, Peter Downsbrough, Mounir Fatmi, Amy Granat, Isabell Heimerdinger, Ange Leccia, Rafaela Lopez, Lei Saito

Cinema has always had a close and impure connection with art. Narrow until becoming itself a 7th art. Impure because it was very quickly also an instrument of communication, even of propaganda, the know-how of the directors being put at the service of various causes while the modern art, and contemporary, struggled to conquer their autonomy. But above all, what interests us today is the close and fundamental link between cinema and entertainment.

That art becomes a distraction is enough discussed and noted to be at least admitted as a relevant question. Will this evolution be lasting and conquering? Will the art of leisure colonize all visible artistic practice?
Can cinema, as part of this evolution, be an effective tool for reflection?

The questions are vast, multiple and reformulate as the evolution of contemporary art evolves.
We want, through this project designed for Art-O-Rama, modestly participate in this reflexion. More specifically, we want to bring together works, more or less recent, that actively participate in this reflection. From the artist Neil Beloufa, who easily alternates the clothes of contemporary artist and those of the filmmaker summoning, precisely, the aesthetics of the entertainment, to Peter Downsbrough, who dissects in two fixed shots the cinematographic traveling, while passing by other contemporary artists also concerned by the cinema, we will exhibit works that, without losing their integrity, can be milestones for a new reflection on art, cinema, and entertainment.