Fúcares, Almagro - Madrid

Galería Fúcares opened in Almagro (Ciudad Real, Spain) in 1974. Later in 1987, a second space was opened in Madrid.

Galería Fúcares is currently developing a coherent program of exhibition that brings together the generation of Spanish artists it represents and the latest trends in the art World.

Galería Fúcares will present works by 2 spanish artists from the gallery : Miki Leal (born 1974) and Jamie de la Jara (born 1972).

Incongruous or contradictory might seem at first sight the proposals of these two artists, but that is indeed far from reality. For “the unreal” or “the fictional” is the tangential point of the works by both of them. On the one hand, Miki Leal uses fiction – the unreal – as a starting point to build his own reality, depicted in his works. They are figments of imagination that he links with his own reality and memories.

On the other hand, Jaime de la Jara begins from the fictional strategies of the mass media to transgress reality generating a new, imaginary, one. The results are installations and sculptures that make us wonder about the real and the unreal. For both artists, the fictional is a part of the origins of the content or intent in their works, coexisting in their results despite their formal distance.

Miki Leal will present three new paintings and Javier de la Jara his installation Reality (Show), 2008.