French Cliché, Paris

Deborah Bowmann

Usual objects imagined by young artists, manufactured by craftsmen. Limited editions inspired by French culture.


Founded in 2019 by Emily Marant and Hugo Matha, French Cliché is a collectible design editor.


French Cliché selects young artists to create exclusive designs and sources out experimented French Artisans to produce those functional art pieces.

Those encounters between creators and makers resume into numbered and signed limited editions of objects and furniture.


All together, they aim to paint a new canvas of this idealistic, abundant and eclectic France.




Deborah Bowmann

Total deco vases (2020)
Size varies - Ø 19 cm x 31 cm - 13 x 7,5 x 24,5 cm - 42,5 cm

Deborah Bowmann

Exhibition view, La loge, Brussels (2021)