François Ghebaly, Los Angeles

For its first participation to ART-O-RAMA, François Ghebaly Gallery will present a dialogue between two pair of artists; Joel Kyack and Anthony Lepore on one side, and Channa Horwitz and Michael Müller on the other side. This pairings will allow the visitors to discover two major directions of the gallery’s programme.

Joel Kyack interdisciplinary work is tapped directly in the precedent of the McCarthy, Chris Burden and Mike Kelley, exploring Americana through performances, sculptures and drawings, Kyakc brings forward a celebration of body as object, and the DIY American spirit of agency.

Anthony Lepore’s photographs, explore the heritage of landscape photography in California, by  creating images of the outdoors shot indoors, in visitors centers across the national parks in the west coast. The artist was most recently invited by LACMA for contemporary photography show.

Michael Müller’s art is based on linguistic, numeric, stellar or solar systems, which, despite having some basis in empirical reality, are almost always invented by the artist himself. Best known for his drawings and written work, Müller is constantly expanding his means of expression, which now incorporate sculpture, installation, and paintings.

During the last forty years the vitality of Chana Horwitz work rests on her ability to set in motion a series of moves and then follow them to their logical conclusion, which usually reveals new forms which she couldn’t image when she started. This body of work makes a major contribution to conceptual art and places her as an important artist, along with Sol Lewitt and Robert Irwin, both supporters, in the later half of the 20th century.