François Ghebaly, Los Angeles

For ART-O-RAMA 2016, LA-based gallery Francois Ghebaly will present a three-person show with Davide Balula, Neil Beloufa, and Sayre Gomez. Ghebaly Gallery’s two French artists, Neïl Beloufa (working in Paris) and Davide Balula (working in New York) will be presented alongside Sayre Gomez, based in Los Angeles.

Neil Beloufa’s practice is very much rooted in the conversation of digital communication, technology, and the tropes of filmmaking. His objects and films inform each other and often co-exist in installations like actors and props on a set. We will be exhibiting works from his ‘Scaffolding’ series, a new body of work consisting of large portable fiberglass walls outfitted with outlets transforming them into monolithic charging stations.

Davide Balula’s work is inherently performative; paintings are created from the manipulation of primary elements such as fire, water, and the effects of time indexed onto the surface of the work. He also addresses questions about the spatial limits beyond a piece, as through Balula’s ‘Wifi Sculptures’ in which the work is disseminated beyond its physicality through a sculptural wifi antenna.

Sayre Gomez’ practice explores the ambiguous nature of communication and interpersonal exchange by means of both abstractive and representational techniques within painting, sculpture and installation. The works that will be presented are created from screen-printing appropriated imagery on to the canvas and then veiling it in layers of abstracted airbrushing techniques to blur the division between the artist’s hand and what has been appropriated.

The three artists, sharing generational ties yet spanning an international landscape, will speak to the effects of technology and antiquation on the artists’ process, communication, and their interdisciplinary practices.