François Bret Prize

The François Bret Prize of the Fine Arts College of Marseille (Beaux-Arts de Marseille) – National Institute of Higher Arts Education of the Mediterranean, Marseille (INSEAMM) Art & design


The painter François Bret was the director who convinced the municipality of Marseille in the late 60’s to build the school on the Luminy campus (located next to the Calanques National Park in the south of the city). Involved in the reform of art and architecture education in the seventies, he was, for example, one of the first directors in France to give photography a proper place in an art school, by inviting Lucien Clergue (a famous French photographer from Arles, France) among others. He also welcomed the “Supports/Surfaces” painters to the Art College and gave an opportunity to the famous sculptor César to teach there. It is under his direction that the school entered a new era. In 1976, the young local art scene had an exhibition in the Museum of Modern Arts in Paris. Giving the name of François Bret to this Prize doesn’t mean looking backwards but building a bright future on deep historical roots. The François Bret Prize of the Fine Arts College of Marseille is awarded each year by a jury of professionals to two young graduates of the College, one in art, one in design, who are put in the spotlight during the Art-0-Rama fair and mentored by the members of the jury.



Zoé Ledoux — Prize winner art department

Lucie Constantin — Prize winner design department


Keanu Lebon — Prize winner art department

Alban Magd — Prize winner design department


Lucian Moriyama — Prize winner art department

Estelle Pierson — Prize winner design department


Luisa Ardila — Prize winner art department

Abdelkrim Benimam— Prize winner design department




©Lauréates 2019 Luisa Ardila (Art), Abdelkrim Benimam (Design) - 2020 Lucian Moriyama (Art), Estelle Pierson (Design) – 2021 Keanu Lebon (Art) Alban Magd (Design). Photographs Cécile Braneyre - Beaux-Arts de Marseille – INSEAMM