FCAC, Fonds Communal d’Art Contemporain

Since its creation in 1949, the FCAC has been collecting a revealing collection of the plurality of artistic practices in the visual arts. It testifies to the quality of the artists settled in the region, the five art schools present in this area but also the attractiveness exercised by the city to artists from all walks of life.

Emerging artists are privileged and over the years the story is also told through the events that have marked the cultural life, since « Printemps de l’Art Contemporain » ( Spring of Contemporary Art), the exhibition programs of private and associative galleries, the openings of the workshops, the Art-O-Rama, Pareidolie and Polyptyque salons.

On the occasion of Art-O-Rama 2018, the FCAC acquired the works of artists Gillian Brett, from the School of Art Superior Villa Arson (Nice) and Tsu-Chun Ku, from the School of Fine Arts in Marseille.