Fanta-MLN, Milan

Roberto Fassone

sibi is a software created by Roberto Fassone in 2012, an instructions generator producing over fifty billion sets of combinations. Starting from an investigation into the creative processes and the linguistic, cultural and social codes that define an artwork, sibi is organized according to three categories (Medium, Aboutness and Title) that correspond to three keys on the keyboard and that once pressed generate the indications through which the artwork can be realized. Over the years, the game has been tested in collaboration with different universities and museums, in the form of workshops, group games and performances, each time metaphorically tracing the phases that characterize the birth of an artistic idea.

On the occasion of Art-O-Rama, Roberto Fassone invites you to play with the software online. Should you come up with a set of instructions that you like and that you would like to buy, please send a screenshot of it to the gallery at: info@fanta-mln.it. The artist will give it a title and formalize the set of instructions as a framed print on Hahnemühle Photo Matt Fiber paper in a 48 x 33 cm format and unique edition.







Roberto Fassone

sibi⎛to be titled⎞(2020)

digital print on Hahnemühle Photo Matt Fibre, framed

48 x 33 cm