Familia Editions by Salón, Rio de Janeiro / Madrid

Sara Ramo, Avaf, Dalton Paula, Demian Jacob, Ivan Grilo, Lenora de Barros and Rosana Paulino

This proposal emerges from the collaboration between Familia Editions and Salón. Familia (Est. 2018) is an independent publishing house specialized in contemporary Brazilian artists’ books that recently moved from NYC to Madrid. Salón is an independent art space (Est. 2013) that aims to reflect Madrid’s scene including not only local artists and curators but also a bigger diversity of art agents who have passed by the Spanish capital and somehow left their footprint. The independent project also works as a bridge to connect Madrid to other cultures including Brazil.

For Art-o-Rama editions section, Salón is curating and designing Familia’s exhibition space and producing an art piece that translates the connection between both applicants and their cultural backgrounds: Brazil and Spain.

In order to materialize this dialogue, half Brazilian, half Spanish artist Sara Ramo was invited to create a commissioned limited edition piece that will be specially produced for the fair. Her extremely rich and varied body of work includes installations made of objects she finds in her workspace, leftovers and daily life uncany cracks of the domestic space. The edition (aprox. 50 copies) will consist of a silkscreen print on fabric leftovers from some of the artists’ previous works.

Salón is developing a space project for Familia Edition’s booth that integrates both a book display for the artists’ books and an exhibition installation for guest artist Sara Ramo’s piece. The idea is to use as a reference Ramo’s work exhibited at the show “La caída y otras formas de vida” (2019, Sala Alcalá 31, Madrid) where she covers a column with white tiles and intervenes with feathers coming out from the grout “cracks”.

As a possibility of additional furniture, Carlos Fernando Pello’s white tile modules designed especially for the fair, besides of the balcony as a book display, also covered with white tiles. The balcony is thought to make easier the viewing and the handling of the artists’ books on sale.




Dalton Paula

Visual Notes (2016-2018)
Hardcover, special edition with a box and metal print, 21 x 30 cm
Courtesy of Familia Editions and Salón

Rosana Paulino

Buffalo and Lady of the Plants
Normal edition bound on softcover in binding fabric, offset printing special
Edition on fabric with photolithography, 22,5 x 28,5 cm
Courtesy of Familia Edition and Salón

Demian Jacob

Hardcover, offset printed, 35mm photographs, 19,5 x 26 cm
Courtesy of Familia Edition and Salón

Ivan Grilo

I Cannot Recall Well
Letterpress printed on handmade paper and handbound in japanese style, 18,5 x 22 cm
Courtesy of Familia Edition and Salón

Lenora de Barros

... Some
2 volumes simply bound with a protective cover and holding twine, 11,5 x 53 cm
Courtesy of Familia Edition and Salón