Ermes-Ermes, Vienna

Ermes-Ermes’ project presents a dialogue between the work of two artists, Gina Folly (1983) and Lorenzo Guerrini (1914-2002). The concept of the booth is to create a connection between the works of the artists and the outside space of the south of France as a residency place for different generations of artists from the early XX sec to a more recent new contemporey generation.

The booth presents a series of gouaches by Guerrini, which the artist used to produce as preparatory studies for his large size stone sculptures. The monochrome gouaches present abstract figures with a precise and thick gesture. The choice of colour for these works is usually bold, comprising purple, yellow, black or orange, creating stark and intense results, which provide an autonomy of the drawings in relation to the actual sculptures (which were usually made in bronze or carved stone).

Folly presents a series of Magic Box (2014 – ongoing), a polycarbonate box resembling a minimalist house, which is actually a replica of a multilevel food container for monkeys used in the zoo Basel to encourage their creative and cognitive abilities. Ancora, Ancora, 2017, a light sculpture, which transmits a love song through the intermittency of the light with no sound and Youth, 2015, a fountain, as often referred to in art history the fountain itself represents the unique and always contemporary idea of youth. Gina Folly uses the traditional and corporate imagery their representations and products to highlight the wish of a society to be young and strong.