Emmanuel Hervé, Paris

For its third consecutive participation in ART-O-RAMA, Galerie Emmanuel Hervé will present the work of two artists from the same generation who focus on abstract painting.

The work of these artists who live on two different continents, Charles-Henri Monvert, born in 1948 in Neuilly-sur-Seine (France) and Sérgio Sister, born that same year, but in São Paulo (Brazil), adhere to no other rule than that of painting. The tone is set. Each one in their own style attempts to give volume and substance to the act of painting, and more specifically to the actual canvas; matter is revealed, overlapped and becomes embodied.

The work of Charles-Henri Monvert belongs to the analytical abstraction movement. He seeks to extend every possibilities of the chromatic range. Squares and Circles. The issue was “How to proceed from square to circle”. The point of “crystallization” [the moment when color is about to reveal itself] continues today to inspire his art.

Sérgio Sister is involved in a research about the potential of color, in the wake of the Brazilian Neo-Concrete movement from the 1960s. The pieces exhibited here are still unrecognized oil on canvases and on the wood. On the surface, they preserve the artist’s gesture: short strokes, brush strokes, or how spread luminosity.