Edouard Montassut, Paris

For its first participation in ART-O-RAMA, Paris-based gallery Édouard Montassut presents a duo show with artists Marie Angeletti and Timothy Calame. The concept of this duo show for the fair is deliberately simple, since the idea is to present the work of two artists who both lived or live in Marseille. Marie Angeletti was born in Marseille and she now lives in Berlin while Timothy Calame was born in Switzerland and now lives in Marseille.

The gallery aims to capitalise on the proximity of these two artists with Marseille to present works that do not necessarily use the city literally as their subject but rather as a context for the emergence of the works themselves. As the context itself is the main part of both artists’ work, it seems relevant to show in the presentation the artists’ relationship with the city of Marseille that reveals a sort of wandering that seeks to reach the meeting point of the individual and the collective.

Timothy Calame presents a series of figurative paintings and small sculptures he is currently producing in Marseilles. The paintings depict strange situations with strange characters and in transit infrastructures. As for Marie Angeletti, she works on a series of photographic prints laminated onto mirrors that show pictures that are captured, reassembled, stolen or retouched and that are at the crossroads of two paths: one being analytic and the other being aesthetic.