Edizioni Periferia, Luzern

As part of their participation in the EDITION SECTION of ART-O-RAMA, Edizioni Periferia will present books by Dieter Roth, Stefan Gritsch, Erwin Wurm, Markus Raetz, Hans Schärer, and Roman Signer.

The books, editions, videos and DVDs from Edizioni Periferia represent an engaging palette of interests addressed by internationally renowned artists. Our publications are self-contained works, issued in small, usually limited and often numbered editions.

Their subject matter may be a work of art, an installation, a performance or a theory, which the artists wish to preserve for posterity. Co-designed by the artists, they are works of art in themselves, which – in contrast to works for exhibitions – enjoy the privilege of being analyzed in accompanying theoretical and philosophical essays by renowned writers.

It goes without saying that our publications and editions are produced with uncompromising care. They effectively contribute to the larger cultural debate, especially inasmuch as the Galleria and Edizioni Periferia have shown that the periphery can move to the centre and the centre to the periphery.