Dumont gallery, Los Angeles

Lucy and Dave Ching, Nicolas Giraud, Ray Sander

Lucy and Dave Ching

Born in 1986 in Seattle, Lucy Ching graduated from UCLA and collaborates now with her older brother Dave, who was trained and works as a close-up magician. The allusion to professional illusion has become a core element of their works. Brother and sister have initiated a dialogue on their respective practice as artist and illusionist, infusing one field with the vocabulary and tropes of the other.

Lucy and Dave Ching live and work in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Nicolas Giraud

Born in 1978 in Saint-Etienne, Nicolas Giraud was trained as a photographer and uses the concept and tricks of photography to build and replicate artworks in a complex game of mirrors. His objects, texts and images share a common interest in deconstructing the notion of image as a material, technical or mental fact.

Nicolas Giraud lives and works in Paris.



Ray Sander

Born in 1988 in Los Angeles, Ray Sander works as a garage mechanic.

Besides his job, he is developing a practice related to the cars and races field, a practice grounded in the Californian sub-cultures.

Ray Sander lives and works in L.A.







Lucy and Dave Ching

evading (2020)

letter size print, signed

Edition of 3




Evading. — The hand holding the coin approaches the other hand conspicuously, horizontal and open or half-open. When touching it, the hand seems to drop the coin. Yet, behind the four fingers wall, hidden from the audience, the fingers keep the coin by palming. The left hand has to lower itself, under the imaginary weight of the coin, then close itself, rise and turn its back against the audience. In doing so, the eyes of the spectators follow it, while the right hand slides away without stiffness or hurry. One must note that the hand holding the palmed coin tends to appear stiff and embarrassed before reversing, this being due to the fingers’ extension. It is good to curve the fingers together, in order to make them look more lithe.


Nicolas Giraud

Sommeil (2020)

False memory

1200 € INQUIRE



The work is a false memory, implanted by hypnosis into the mind of the collector.


Nicolas Giraud

Le Collectionneur (2020)


1100 € INQUIRE



The collector gets closer to the work.

He observes it.

Notices a detail he hadn’t noticed yet.

He steps back.

The sequence repeats itself.


The duration of the play is decided by the interpret, by the artist or by the


The collector can be indifferently a woman or a man.


Ray Sander

burning gasoline circle (2020)

unique with certificate




From the series Motorworks, Burning gasoline circle exists when a circle of gasoline is set on fire.