Dumont Gallery, Los Angeles

Ayako Kiyosawa, Lucy Ching, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Nicolas Giraud and Ray Sander

For the Art-o-rama fair, the gallery focuses on its edition works. Most of the gallery’s artists are involved with process and conceptual art. For ten years now, the gallery produces and distributes edition works as one of the best ways to express their artistic concerns.


Our project is a three layers propositions:
1. Two wall paintings from Ayako KIYOSAWA’s LA wall edition.
2. Ten works from the PAPERWORK portfolio edition.
3. Four edition works by Lucy CHING, Daniel Gustav CRAMER, Nicolas GIRAUD, and Ray SANDER.


The booth is a combination of two walls, each one is displaying a wall painting by Ayako KIYOSAWA. The wall paintings are generated by a grid system combining different elements and generating an open edition.
The largest wall will also display the complete Paperwork edition, as ten framed letter-size works by the gallery’s artists. Paperworks has been commissioned and exhibited in 2020 in advance of the gallery’s tenth anniversary.
The smaller wall will also display each day, on rotation, a different work from four artists shown at the gallery: Lucy CHING, Daniel Gustav CRAMER, Nicolas GIRAUD, and Ray SANDER.




Dave & Lucy Ching

Blanks (blue) (2021)
32 blank cards, 6,5 x 8,8 x 1,2 cm
Edition of 50
Courtesy Dumont Gallery

Ayako Kiyosawa

wall #29 (2018-2021)
from the serie LA walls
Wall painting, variable size
Courtesy Dumont Gallery

Daniel Gustave Cramer

First Signs of the Oncoming Rainy Season (Ota, Tokyo, June 2019) (2021)
4 C-prints each 28,2 x 22,1 cm (In a folder)
Edition of 10
Courtesy Dumont Gallery

Nicolas Giraud

Errors (2011)
fifty A4 prints in a white cardboard box, 21,5 x 30,3 cm
Edition of 15
Courtesy Dumont Gallery

Ray Sander

Ornament (green) (2021)
painted aluminum, 7 x 12 cm
Edition of 10
Courtesy Dumont Gallery