D+T Project, Brussels

Created in September 2010 by Sebastien Delire and Gregory Thirion, D+T Project Gallery -celebrating its second anniversary during ART-O-RAMA – combines solo exhibitions where the artist can freely develop his work helped by the gallery for production matters.

Group exhibitions are included in the program. These are thought to be more focused on political and social subjects that are meaningful to the gallery. Two groups exhibitions have had a great impact: “Action Directe” and “The forfeiture of Money”. “Action Directe” provides a sharp look on artists who are facing political and economic oppression. “The forfeiture of Money” focuses on money matters, financial markets, their abstraction and their value loss.

The 3 artists in the gallery offer their perspective on our world’s drifts. Ivan Argote (CO) ;  Elena ; Bajo (SP) ; Zachary Formwalt (US).