Drei, Cologne

For its first participation in ART-O-RAMA, Drei gallery proposes a solo presentation by the German, Berlin based artist Anna Virnich (*1984, Berlin).

The booth is dedicated to the whole range of Anna’s multimedial practise and the artist’s on-going interest in the complex potentials of the body. By creating a vibrant scenario of existing and yet to be produced wall works of mostly permeable and often organic materials like textiles and fabrics or the full leather skin of an ox forming “Body Electric (#3)” (2015) as well as a new series of sculptural works, their presentation will be shaping out the status of the artist’s work as a complex network of an exchange of substances, technology, bodies and images – a body or eco system itself, interspersed with skin-like membranes forming a porous border between its various parts and its environment.

Following Anna’s recent exhibition projects “Body Electric” (DREI, Cologne, 2015) and “Nervous Moments Membranes” (Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City, 2016), there have been sceneries set up in which pictures and objects occur as surfaces and communication systems at the same time. Deeply connected to each other, protective and in balance, they are permanently at odds with what is constantly surrounding them at the same time – nervous all the time and constantly stressed out.