Doris Ghetta, Ortisei

Barbara Tavella

Doris Ghetta presents a solo presentation by Barbara Tavella. Tavella works with words, poetry, drawing and painting combining the different modes of expression and merging them into one another. Starting from the title as a little poem, she develops the drawing directly on the canvas following the sound of her words and thoughts. Sometimes she follows the light entering her studio located in La Val, in the heart of the Dolomites, which led her painting to bright and soft colors.

The bodies of these women are set in an undefined landscape of color,. The female body merges with surrounding nature like an iridescent aura. The figures are naked, small and delicate, their faces are strange and fascinating. This difference in representation stresses the duality of body and mind, the classic distinction that for centuries attributed the physical, psychological and animal sphere to the female gender, whereas rationality, philosophy and thought were considered typically male characteristics.
Tavella’s female characters, seen as hybrid, mystical creatures, defend their own sexuality actively and
autonomously, and possess the wild sensuality of their bodies beyond all fantasy and stereotypical representation.
Here Galleria Doris Ghetta presents Tavella’s paintings by recreating the display that the artist developed in her studio to both archive and show her work.The canvas is unframed, but leans on a wooden axis with ropes tied at either end. This way the canvases are easily hung from pins on the wall and can be moved easily. The display allows the exhibition inside the booth to be changed quickly and from day to day the visitor can see new works or ask, as in a studio visit, to see the works hidden under the canvases on display.




Barbara Tavella

untitled (2021)
oil on canvas, 115 x 165 cm

6 220 €

Barbara Tavella

untitled (2019)
oil on canvas, 210 x 167 cm

8 370 €

Barbara Tavella

untitled (2020)
oil on canvas, 150 x 121 cm

6 020 €

Barbara Tavella

untitled (2022)
oil on canvas, 165 x 107 cm

6 040 €

Barbara Tavella

untitled (2018)
oil on canvas, 165 x 103 cm

5 950 €