Dilecta, Paris

Martine ABALLÉA, Damien CADIO, William KENTRIDGE, Yves KLEIN, Florian KREWER, Bertrand LAVIER, Théo MERCIER, Annette MESSAGER, Antonio OBA, Eric POITEVIN, Laure PROUVOST, Martial RAYSSE, Ser SERPAS, Morgane TSCHIEMBER, Felice VARINI

Dilecta presents on its booth an overview of its limited editions in line with the diversity of its collaborations: prints, sculptures and photos are so many techniques which refer to Dilecta’s primary activity as a publishing house and gallery. 


More specifically, it shows a selection of prints. On one hand, the ones produced in collaboration with the Bourse de Commerce–collection Pinault: an edition by Antonio Oba, released at the beginning of this year, another one by Florian Krewer and a last one by Ser Serpas. On the other hand, recent limited editions made after original artworks by Yves Klein and certified by his estate, one being a Triptych of monochromes. 


They are viewed in parallel with a selection of enhanced editions, between Damien Cadio’s silkscreen-prints on acrylic painted backgrounds and Pierre Ardouvin’s photocollages manually enhanced with glitters.


 A whole range of lithographs and other engravings complete this show: an artwork by Laure Prouvost is displayed alongside a Martial Raysse’s portrait, a piece by William Kentridge and the latest edition by Annette Messager in collaboration with the LaM. 


Photographs by artists such as Martine Aballéa, Eric Poitevin or Valérie Belin are also exhibited. 


Lastly, a focus is made on limited edition objects: the series “Ellipes” and “Cercles” [Circles] by Felice Varini, “Plantasia” by Théo Mercier, Bertrand Lavier’s “Walt Disney Productions” and Morgane Tschiember’s “Honey Drop”




Yves Klein

Peinture de feu sans titre (F124) (2021)
UltraChrome inkjet print on Fine Art paper, 50 × 75 cm
Edition of 100, certified by the Archives Klein

1 200 €

Antonio Oba

Eucalipto — corpo electrico (2021)
Digital print with ultraChrome pigment inks on Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350 g, 48 × 60 cm
Edition of 55 + 3 A.P. signed and numbered by the artist

850 € (unframed)

Damien Cadio

Des horizons (2021)
Serigraph on acrylic painted background, 51 × 40,5 cm
Series of 23 unique works signed and numbered by the artist

650 €

Morgane Tschiember

Honey Drop (2019)
Sculpture in polished or frosted tinted glass and antic butcher hook, 36 × 12 × 7 cm
Series of 12 unique sculptures with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist + 2 A.P. and 1 HC

2 500 €

William Kentridge

Self-portrait (2021)
Lithograph, 57 × 63 cm
Edition of 40, signed and numbered

3 500 €