Delire Gallery, Brussels

For ART-O-RAMA, 2014, Delire Gallery present a curatorial project in two parts : Pat McCarthy (Solo Show) who will be shown for the first time in fair and A Dog Republic (Démonstration#5 part 3). Two displays, two styles but a common desire to go towards the other one.

The first project presents a solo exhibition by Pat McCarthy (b. 1987, USA), a multifaceted artist. Pigeon flyer, road-kid, poet, sandwiches street-seller. His time is not spent in the studio but “in the field”, exploring transience as a medium to draw complex conceptual narratives, both social and personal. This printed medium intimately relays performance, adventure, sculpture, and the artist’s often poetic and biographical prose. A series of recent works (fanzines, ceramics, etc.) will also be presented.

For the second project, Delire Gallery—remaining true to its commitment and shared values, will present a small booth dedicated to the collective A Dog Republic. Some members of the collective will be present with their mobile recording unit to collect and record barking conversations.