Deborah Schamoni, Munich

“Labyrinth of Time (Labyrinthe du temps)”

For ART-O-RAMA, Deborah Schamoni Gallery will present a solo show by Paris-based artist Véronique Bourgoin (born in Marseille, 1964).

Continuing with her artistic practice based in both photography and installation, Véronique Bourgoin will create a new site-specific installation that takes on the format of a “salon” entitled “Labyrinth of Time (Labyrinthe du temps)”, one that incorporates wallpaper with her own artwork and brings both into dialogue with Manfred Pernices installation briefkastenOrion (verlorener posten) 2015.

Inspired by her own reality, Véronique Bourgoin stages the “salon” as a metaphor, a setting for communication and exchange. “Like a film’s décor, I made my “salon” transportable and transformable, inside an installation — in the manner of a large photographic collage – which juxtaposes environments by combining works, objects, editions, and photos to reveal a voyage both poetic and historical and which questions the viewer about art’s place and role as well as the evolution of communication space in our everyday lives, our existence.”

“Véronique Bourgoin imagines collectors’ lounges mixing her own images, remarkable of poetry, sometimes to those of other artists. The meaning of these installations ? The quality of an image depends on an environment, on a culture, on a context. It says a lot on who manipulates it. It feeds the look, the dialogue “…” Perhaps one of the topics this installation’s concept aims to elucidate is that art, without trying to change our lives the way science and politics do, endeavors to bring life to its artifices, something we desperately require.” (abstract from the article by Michel Guerrin in Le Monde, Sept. 2014).




Véronique Bourgoin

Exhibition view "Salon Cosmos " (Le 116, Montreuil) 
Courtesy the artist and Deborah Schamoni, Munich

Véronique Bourgoin

Exhibition view "Extented place" (Setareh Gallery, Dusseldorf)
Courtesy the artist and Deborah Schamoni, Munich

Manfred Pernice

Courtesy de l'artiste

briefkastenOrion (verlorener posten) 2015
mail box, chain (8 meters), three garden chairs, one plastic stool
dimensions site specific