Daniel Marzona, Berlin

For its first participation in ART-O-RAMA, Berlin-based gallery Daniel Marzona is happy to present a group show crossed by two main themes, with pieces by Vajiko Chachkhiani and Nina Canell.

The first theme deals with the outside world and the human psyche, bringing the shadowy aspects of our Conditio humana to our awareness through a subtle and intriguing visual poetry. Minimalism turned to be charged with narrative meaning throughout transformed objects. Those transformed objects become sculptures, which are emotionally charged despite their stark and minimalistic appearance.

The second main theme focuses on the essence of time and more specifically on the nature of things and materials. A theme that raises questions about the history of individual objects and thus exploring concepts of time and linearity.

Media such as ultrasound, radio waves, energies, films and transmissions are mobilized as the new state of time. A theme that grows from material to the immaterial, forming and questioning the conductive relations between the solid objects and mental events.