Crèvecœur, Paris

For ART-O-RAMA 2012, Crèvecoeur Gallery will present a group show gathering Xavier Antin, Jorge Pedro Nuñez, and Florian & Michael Quistrebert on the image desappearance processes throught different artistic methods and strategies.

Xavier Antin will show his The Luddites ink jet printing series made with a manually tampered printer. The artist fixed one or several wet inked brushes on the printhead of an ink jet plotter while it is printing an image. The latter, which is not visible as it was printed with only 1% transparency, is a 19th century engraving picturing two British Luddites who are about to destroy a Jacquard’s mechanical loom.

Florian & Michael Quistrebert will present their Bleaches painting series that consists in applying whitening bleach on black canvas. The resulting paintings remind of photograms, the photographic process is here reversed : by solving black paint with whitening bleach, abstract forms appear as if they were painted in negative. The photogram process has been analyzed by Eisenstein as a way to capture the “invisible”, the instantaneousness of the transition from one state to another. By refering to this, the Quistrebert brothers question the movement between light and shadow, between transcendence and ascendency.

Jorge Pedro Nuñez’s mirror finish stainless steel panels from The Truth of The Trou series consists of collages of pages extracted from sale catalogues or art books from which the art works have been cut off – leaving only the technical information (artist, title, date, dimensions, material). Most of the absent works included a whole, a tearing, a black whole, a dot. The subtil abyssal process is forstered by the material (mirror stainless steel) that let the viewers reflect themselves within the left-vacant spaces.