Crèvecœur, Paris

For ART-O-RAMA, Crèvecœur will present three artists whose works are gathered under the theme “Les fictions de l’intime” (fictions of the inner space). These works are filled with indolent characters pictured at moment when their psychological state is a continuum, where tangible frontiers between experience, feeling and dream cease to exist. They reveal home scenes in muffled tones and hushed atmospheres.

Such a subject is built on a paradox : is inmost what one keeps to oneself, and never shows. Yet, fictions are meant to be passed on, transmitted, read or seen. The inner space is neither a theme nor a backdrop; it is a value, an attempt to reach that very precious and hidden part of the being. Bearing insisting attention on insignificant details in closed and familiar spaces, Laetitia Benat’s photographs, videos and drawings infuse strangeness into daily life scenes; When Julien Carreyn makes up displays that gather, in a hushed space, meticulous selections of his drawings, pastels, and photographs that seem to be revealed for the first time; As for Antoine Marquis, he cultivates a sense of indiscretion by showing in small paintings very private and sensual scenes where one feels to be an uninvited guest.