Cordova (guest project), Barcelona

Cordova is a curatorial project founded in 2016 by artist and curator Cory Scozzari. It was originally established in Vienna, Austria and at present is located in Barcelona, Spain. The current configuration consists of an exhibition space and residency program where international artists are invited to stay and produce exhibitions, events and performances. Generally the works on display are new, and somehow site-specific works produced on site.

For Art-o-Rama Cordova will present an installation comprised of collaborative and individual works by artists Jaakko Pallasvuo, Anni Puolakka, Tarwuk and Viktor Timofeev. The works on display will address the notion of happiness, as both an imaginable and paradoxically unattainable state of being, working through sculpture, drawing, painting and installation. While many of the artists have worked together in smaller configurations, this is the first occasion for collaboration between the entire group.