Collection Lambert, Avignon

Bertrand Lavier, Jean Charles Blais, Mimosa Echard, Miryam Haddad, Nathalie du Pasquier, Théo Mercier

The Collection Lambert in Avignon is a unique museum of contemporary art, born from the initiative of an art dealer and collector, Yvon Lambert, who donated to the State an exceptional collection of major works from the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. Housed in two magnificent 18th century townhouses in the heart of Avignon, the Collection Lambert presents ambitious exhibitions and a varied cultural and educational programme, with the support of the French State, the City of Avignon, the Region, the Department and private patrons.


When the museum was created in 2000, Yvon Lambert’s works were on deposit and the Collection was housed in the Hôtel de Caumont. A donation of more than 550 works to the State was made official in 2012 and an architectural project, led by the architects Cyrille and Laurent Berger, brought the museum’s surface area to almost 5,000 m2 in 2015, with the addition of the Hôtel de Montfaucon and the construction of an auditorium.


Exhibitions composed of a regularly renewed selection of works from the collection are presented in the Hôtel de Caumont, with focuses on certain movements or artists particularly well represented in the collection, while the Hôtel de Montfaucon hosts temporary exhibitions in two annual cycles.


This cycle of exhibitions is enriched on a daily basis by a cultural programme that is both popular and demanding, organised in the auditorium as well as in certain exhibition rooms. Conferences, meetings, screenings, concerts and performances are offered to a wide audience throughout the year, making the Lambert Collection a true cultural centre in the heart of the Papal city.



Jean-Charles Blais, Deux amis, 2021

Lithograph on Wenzhou paper 35gr, 50,4 x 66,5 cm, edition of 50 numbered and signed copies

Mimosa Echard, Yolanda, 2021

Pigment print with three-colour silk-screen rehazing, 50 x 37 cm, edition of 20 numbered and signed copies

Miryam Haddad, La nuit ne nous oublie pas, 2019

Pigment print on Hahnemühle paper 308 grs, 22 x 27 cm, edition of 30 numbered and signed copies

Nathalie Du Pasquier, Y1 , 2019

UV print on Fine Art Fabriano paper 300 grs, 56 x 77 cm, edition of 25 numbered and signed copies

Théo Mercier, OUTREMONDE (L’enfant) 202

Fine art print on Baryta paper mounted on dibond
with sand, 20 x 28 cm, edition of 20 numbered and signed copies