CIRVA: Centre International de Recherche sur le Verre et les Arts plastiques

Jérôme Poret

Visual art and sound artist, founder of the micro label Labelle69, Jérôme Poret takes interest in analogous technologies. Throughout his complete work, « phonogravure » holds over the years a more important position as a media-medium.

Jérôme Poret will be present at Art-o-Rama on the opening day in order to introduce the project Phonogravure de mâchefer, result of a research achieved thanks to the Cirva Marseille residency program in 2017.

This project was also awarded the FNAGP grant in 2017.

On August 30 at 6 PM at Art-o-Rama, Jérôme Poret will perform a mix of sounds: playing engraved vinyl disks, along with a glass platine covered with shellac