Cinnnamon, Rotterdam

For ART-O-RAMA 2016, Rotterdam-based gallery Cinnnamon brings together three artists who all, in different ways, relate to the notion of the landscape. They conceptualise the ‘evaporating’ or disappearing landscape.

Derived from research into the politics of the Neo-Impressionists (Signac, Seurat), Priscila Fernandes’ re-interpretations of their French Mediterranean coastal scenes are made with painted and punctured photo-negatives. The resulting works seem to avoid categorisation and lose their landscape-ness – and hereby their social intent, while opening up new possibilities for interpretation.

For Theis Wendt, the idea of a landscape corresponds with the notions ‘away’ and ‘beyond’. However, in a time in which the whole world is available at a mouse click, these notions ‘evaporate’. In Wendt’s work, the picture frame is no longer a ‘window’ to a beyond, but part of a self-referential system: what we see within the frame are renders of the frame itself.

Sarah-Jane Hoffmann’s “To fit a Prothesisis” is a series of objects made from curved copper tubes and eucalyptus branches. The copper figures were made specifically for this type of plant and thought of as replacement bodies in order to give the plant the possibility to perform different poses. The work alludes to the way we attempt to transform nature in accordance with our tastes.