& : christophe daviet-thery, Paris

Peter Downsbrough, Stefan Brüggeman

What is an artwork?

Is it an idea, its pronouncement or its fulfillment?


In favor of this virtual edition of Art-o-rama, the artwork’s materiality is questioned, as well as its accessibility and the viewer’s participation.


Therefore, the selection articulates around a piece consisting in an instruction that restarts endlessly.


Materiality is simply displaced




* Showtitles is an ongoing work by Stefan Brüggemann of titles for exhibitions. They may be used freely by others. There is no need for any authorization, but their use must be credited to Stefan Brüggemann (show title, #XXXX by Stefan Brüggemann) on the back of the invitation. Please send a copy of the invitation card and any printed material to the address specified on the website www.showtitles.com







(show title #0144 by Stefan Brüggeman)*



Peter Downsbrough

Two Lines, a Piece for Tape (1994)

Box with printed instructions and black tape.

Limited edition of 20 numbered and signed copies.

Published by Les Entrepôts Laydet, Paris