ChertLüdde, Berlin

For ART-O-RAMA 2018, ChertLüdde is pleased to propose a presentation by Gabriel Chaile (b. 1985, San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina. Lives in Buenos Aires).

The project is the first collaboration between the gallery and the artist, who is producing in Berlin over the Summer 2018 a new series of works specifically conceived for ART-O-RAMA.
Gabriel Chaile investigates social and cultural behaviours mainly using sculptures, installations and performances. He employs a humours style to recount the craft tradition of his country and his diverse origins, ranging from Spanish to Afro-Arab and the Candelaria indigenous community. His parents, are from the town of Trancas and long ago they sold bread prepared in clay oven.

The most recent project titled The Castle recalls the memory of this family heritage applying an analytical and anthropological approach. He created a hermaphroditic–looking travelling clay oven with wheels, using also material coming from the ruin of the demolished governor house in his hometown Tucumán. This is also his first public art project, as he invited the people of the village (150 inhabitants) to bake bread in it, aiming to rewrite the rules for experiencing a work of art, making it an interactive experience as well as an useful object.