Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles | Paris, Bruxelles

Amandine David, Chevalier-Masson, Christoph Hefti, Julien Renault, LeviSarha, Linde Freya Tangelder, Maëlig Côme, paulineplusluis, Studio Biskt, Studio Élémentaires 



This year, the international contemporary art fair Art-o-rama has invited the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles | Paris to present an island dedicated to design signatures by established and emerging Belgian-based designers.


This island, entitled INCARNATION, has been curated by designer Nathalie Dewez. Located in the entrance to Art-o-rama’s Édition art & design space, INCARNATION brings together the work of fifteen designers. The aim of this island is not to contribute to the idea that there is such a thing as “Belgian” design, or to force similarities under propagandistic and sloganistic pretexts.


On the contrary, the aim is to celebrate the non-denominator, the irreducibility of approaches that are meant to be observed for their singularity. The ambition is to emblazon the heterogeneity of Belgian and international creators who have found – in Brussels and Wallonia – a territory conducive to the emergence and deployment of powerful creations.


These artists – among others – have the ability to decoincide and fictionalize the possible. They still have the audacity to question, to probe our contemporaneity in a singular way, and to virtualize enviable futures in place of inevitable ones… They are the infusers of wanderlust in a mapped, rationalized and algorithmized world. These are the approaches that stand out in the vortex of contemporary creations that will be presented over the course of these exhibition days.


Indexed to this “Belgian territory”, the Brussels-based Maniera gallery, dedicated to publishing design, has been invited by the Centre & Art-o-rama. It will have its own space at the show, representing seven designers.


As part of the Prix Design Région Sud 2023, the winner, thanks to a partnership between the Centre and the Design Museum Brussels, will exhibit at the Design Museum Brussels in 2024.


In parallel with this presence, a Satellite partnership has been developed with Maison Mirbel. Maison Mirbel, located in Le Corbusier’s renowned Cité radieuse building, will increase the “Belgian” presence, and will feature designers represented on our stand.


Stéphanie Pécourt, Director, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles / Paris




Julien Renault

Courtesy the artist
Photo © HAY

Julien Renault

Courtesy the artist
Photo © Julien Renault