Carroll/Fletcher, London

For their first participation to ART-O-RAMA, Carroll/Fletcher gallery will address themes of appropriation and ownership with a group show featuring works by Karmelo Bermejo, Eva & Franco Mattes, and Christine Sun Kim.

Karmelo Bermejo seeks to reveal the value systems influencing the structures sustaining the contemporary artworld and questions the role of the entire art production and sales system as generators of value. In Fiscal Canvas, the buyer is challenged not to declare its acquisition and the gallery not to declare its sale. It is an artwork that supports other artworks – if another artwork takes its support, it must be fiscally treated the same way. 

Deaf since birth, Christine Sun Kim explores the materiality of sound through drawing, painting and performance. Her distinct visual language combines graphic and musical notation and American Sign Language (ASL) as a means of expanding what each system can communicate. All. Day. illustrates the path her hand would take to express ‘all day’ in ASL. Written next to the central rest bar (the musical symbol for a silent interval), is 126,144,000, the number of rest bars equivalent to the artist’s 32 years of silence.

Pioneers of “Net Art”, Eva and Franco Mattes’s practice inhabits the web and subverts mass media to expand into and affect the physical space. Their controversial interventions challenge power structures, including the hierarchical status of the artworld. Stolen Pieces comprises fragments of masterpieces stolen from museums worldwide, including a label from Jeff Koons’ Equilibrium Tank and a porcelain chip from Duchamp’s Fountain, in what the artists consider a 2-year piece of performance art. The duo claim that the thefts were not random acts of larceny but an active way to address Duchampian ideas of authorship.




Eva and Franco Mattes

Stolen Pieces, 1995-97
Exhibition view (Carroll/Fletcher Gallery, 2012)
Courtesy Carroll/Fletcher, London

Karmelo Bermejo

Fiscal Oil Paint-Permanent Deep Yellow, 2013
Oil on canvas
168 x 168 cm
Courtesy Carroll/Fletcher, London

Christine Sun Kim

All. Night., 2012
Pastel, pencil and charcoal on paper
97,8 x 127 x 0,3 cm
Courtesy Carroll/Fletcher, London