BWA Warszawa, Warsaw

BWA Warszawa gallery proposes a two-artists project focusing on the notion of matter and its social connotations.

Iza Tarasewicz, the winner of the 2015 Deutsche Bank Foundation “Views” Award, was recently chosen as No. 1 of the “Future Greats” list by ArtReview. As Oliver Basciano explained his choice: “In Warsaw, the artist told me of her interest in chaos theory and how the slightest variances can effect great changes. She is also interested in hylozoism, the idea that all matter, in some sense, is ‘alive’. While these ideas are commonly spoken of within the framework of mathematics, physics and philosophy, Tarasewicz explores them in the aesthetic realm through her intricate sculptural installations. Her objects and arrangements are base things that resist the binary of natural and artificial, joining together quotidian, ignoble, or emblematic stuff such as tar, animal fat, intestines, plant fibers, dung, ash and gold.”

The work of Agnieszka Kalinowska can be defined as an indicator of the condition of modern society. While sculpting, she makes use of primitive and raw materials as grey paper, straw and rope. Her weaving technique reveals affinity to folk art. Recently Mieke Bal wrote about The Fence “It seems, rather, a fence of sorts, made from organic material. It more or less hides what is behind it, making barely visible, protecting as well as imprisoning, people. For refugees, this is not a refuge. Refugees: these are subjects that are caught there while they are on the move, moving from a country of mortal danger to one of safely, hospitality, and equality – or so they thought”.