:Baril, Cluj-Napoca

:Baril gallery puts together three entirely different artists. What links them is that all are making art with an intellectual approach.

Natalia, the youngest of them is interested in developing her paintings and ceramics towards cultural references, art history specifically. She is debating the context of contemporary painting; the relation that contemporary painters have with their predecessors. Analyzing this regard, she imagines utopian objects that become subjects of their paintings and ceramics.

The most recent series of Cristina Garrido is Tote Bag Paintings, in which she is exploring the institutions (art fairs, galleries, museums) as a place of circulation and distribution of art and also the condition that these institutions are offering a context for the public to receive, understand or contextualize art. All these canvas tote bags gathered from the galleries or art fairs, are introduced in the realm of painting, stretched and used as a support in a traditional painting manner, but where the subject already included in the raw material of these paintings is not hidden but saved from consumerism.

Sasha Auerbakh’s works, being quite formal and playful, stand for experiences that deal with the problem of facing a peculiar mental condition. They appear to transfer the unrealized desire into a descriptive Freudian language. The same logic can be seen in her other works where the recognizable common shape of an object is invalidated by its material, color, and disposition in space. It turns into a signifier of some different universe with its own rules, when everyday life´s choreography is distorted as seen through the eyes of the lover.