Antoine Levi, Paris

“Photo booth” is a specific project conceived by Galerie Antoine Levi for ART-O-RAMA 2016.

The project engages with the shape of a booth inspired by the current decay of the Aix-en-Provence Fondation Victor Vasarely, which apparent state of neglect paradoxically brings a certain charm and solemnity that contrasts with the neatness and rationalism of the hosted master works and of the museum’s architecture.

As a contrasted but affectionate tribute to Vasarely’s pantheon, the booth for ART-O-RAMA will draw the metaphysical cut in half of one of its hexagonal beehive shaped rooms and will present the works of three artists whose practice will create an incongruous presence; since the Foundation will continue its decline until further switch of ownership, it will however outlive thanks to its photographic documentation, be artistic either amateurish.

Daniel Jacoby (Lima, 1985), G. Küng (New York, 1982), and Zoe Williams (Salisbury, 1983) will purposely each one present photographic artworks using the shape of the booth as a container, a pun using the word “booth” refering to a standard art fair perimeter and to a common photo booth cabin.