Antoine Levi, Paris

For ART-O-RAMA, Paris-based gallery Antoine Levi offers a solo show by American artist G. Künk (b. 1982, New York – lives in Brussels).

G. Küng will use as its starting point her November exhibition at the gallery. One work in the installation consisted of a long mirror hung horizontally and high on the wall, and covered with tracing paper. The reflection of the mirror was dampened but remained mysteriously luminous. The mirror was a kind of preventative surface and refused to do what it should. It attracted but refused vision.

For Antoine Levi’s booth, the artist will create four mirror works, hung horizontally in pairs on two walls. She will adapt the original construction by collaging the mirrors, either through layering or cutting and configuring them together. Then they will also be covered with a semi transparent material. At Galerie Levi, the mirror work was part of an installation of several other types of works that could help to extract some meaning. With this in mind, G. Küng will add photographic or text prints or small sculptures to the installation. The two kinds of work may or may not have a meaningful relationship, but sharing space, they must compromise each other. For example, in this configuration, the mirrors cannot be simply a regurgitation of minimal art.

“I want to take the installation as a type of exhibition that doesn’t simply see the art fair venue as a commercial showcase, but thinks of it as a serious, if transient, exhibition. These quiet, but captivating surfaces could be perfect in an art fair context where they can be seductive but not easily consumed or quickly understood.” G. Küng