Anne Barrault, Paris

Sarah Tritz and Alun Williams have many things in common, and are interested in the idea of a twin exhibition.
Through his paintings and drawings, Alun Williams takes us into History. He paints in the style of and inquires about key figures in the world of art, literature, and politics – with the purpose of making Historical figures meet, in an imaginary or real way, such as Victorine Meurent (Manet’s muse) and Jules Verne – or La Fornarina (Raphael’s muse) and The Psychologist (a character painted by René Magritte in the time of his “vache” period in 1948).

As a great reader of novels and theoretical works… Sarah tritz tells us a story. Particularly in her exhibitions. With “The armchair of my pink king at the gallery”, and “The crumpled suns” in Saint-Fons art center, she opens up the way to a past, present or future event. Knowingly or not she calls up the fathers of art history. The titles of her collages and drawings My little modernities, Chirico space, Miro show how important it is for Sarah Tritz to take place beside them and belong to this “movement”.

The purpose of this project is to draw a parallel between the historical and quoting works of these two artists. Their works echo, enter into dialogue, and enjoy creating meetings and possibility.