Acdc, Bordeaux

For its third participation to ART-O-RAMA, ACDC Gallery will present the work of its two latest entries, French artists Morgane Fourey and Bastien Cosson. The quite classical booth set-up is intended as a confrontation between both artists’ working methods that focus on the work of art as an object to be seen. Bastien Cosson mocks the art world general thoughts and movements while Morgane Fourey seeks to make the works disappear into banality.

In Morgane Fourey’s work what is to be seen is what we never see : the exhibition set up, the workshop’s mess. Inside this disposal that is entirely developed by the artist, the clues take on a totally different aspect : feint and trompe-l’oeil aspects that mock our need to see and give full meaning to the objects at all costs. The exhibition space can potentially become a workshop or a raw material warehouse in which all the pieces, entirely made up by the artist for the occasion (a feint floor, painted beams), create the illusion that they are in right places.

Bastien Cosson’s work is varied, it is not limited to one material, process or particular thought. It encompasses multiple aspects with the imperative to always adapt the works to the exhibition space. The artist goes to shops alleys and cities’ sidewalks in search for materials from which could emerge forces and affects when confronted to other materials. The artist transfers this meticulous collecting work in set up where the objects can dialogue, in order to enhance the mental images those objects may bear within the popular consciousness.