63rd-77th STEPS – Art Project Staircase (Non-Profit Guest Project), Bari

AFA2 (2) is the second reiteration of the inaugural edition held last year in Bari on a popular downtown beach. The project consists of a beach towels’ show, exclusively designed by young international artists, that will be on sale as unique pieces, to support 63rd-77th STEPS’ exhibition program.

Afa is the Italian term for “mugginess”, an exhausting weather condition that is explored as a subtle metaphor of our social, political and artistic scenario, and turned by the artists into black & white artworks, digitally printed on microfiber.

63rd-77th STEPS – Art Project Staircase – is a no profit space for contemporary art founded and run by the artist Fabio Santacroce. The name refers to the final part of a multi-floor staircase (the area between the 63rd and the 77th step) inside a building from the beginning of the XX century in Bari (Italy). 63rd-77th STEPS hosted site-specific exhibitions and it now curates off site and online projects.

INFO : 63rd77thsteps@gmail.com