3236RLS, London

The artists share an interest in a critical response to their respective socio-political situations, a situation often reflected upon in relation to the affecting presence of London. Here they take the form of detournements, adopting a rhetorical distance to scrutinise the surplus value, libidinal energies, and cultural capital that motivate everyday relations.
Michael will present a painting executed in his trademark photo-realist style that explores the dynamic of cultural image transaction, his content derived from the UK high street brand logos and fashion magazines.
Boyd will show a large photogram made on a glass shop frontage. The works are marked by impressions, such as graffitied etchings, on the plane of glass, and they are crumpled, ripped and held together by contingent factors such as time and intensity of ambient light.
Karlsson’s video work adopts a free-form approach, omitting formal structuring devices to capturing a tone or feeling, using layers of sharply edited images and sounds.