Discussion: “AI, a source of creation and inspiration?”



YourArt is the first art + tech platform dedicated to all art lovers without distinction, selection or restriction exploiting the best of France Tech. And unveiling new proprietary features and an ever more immersive experience, version 2.0 of YourArt meets the needs of its users. YourArt will evolve at the pace of its community through regular releases, shaping the platform in the image of the artists, galleries and art lovers who bring it to life.





Thierry Maillard, legal director of ADAGP

Stéphane Lévy
, VP Product Manager of YourArt

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale, Stéphane Lévy founded Kaos Productions, a film production company with which he has made short and feature-length fiction films, as well as documentaries. He created the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence department within Weborama in 2006, in the field of ad tech. Since 2022, he has been co-founder and VP Product of YourArt, a platform for all those who make the art world, based on Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence techniques.


YourArt leverages AI to serve both the site’s art-loving visitors and its artists. For visitors, AI is a guide that facilitates personalized navigation in an ocean of creation. AI also helps to contextualize the works in the history of art, and to make the tours cultural, entertaining and educational. For artists, AI will be an assistant, a companion. Sometimes in the role of a journalist, an archivist, or a creative partner.



Hugo du Plessix for the u2p050 collective

u2p050 is a creative studio at the crossroads of philosophy, art and technology. Through its digital creations, u2p050 attempts to construct thought experiments that open up avenues for questioning our contemporary world, and in particular its increasing digitization.


To achieve this, u2p050 uses experimental technologies such as artificial intelligence, three-dimensional modeling, stereoscopic sound and interactive video production software. In extremely diverse forms – installations, texts or audiovisual productions – the collective explores a perspective in which the machine is no longer seen as a tool to be enslaved, but as a lens through which to view new worlds.



David Fathi, artist photographer

David Fathi’s artistic work explores the links between science, politics and the limits of human knowledge. From the atomic bomb to artificial intelligence, via quantum physics or medical ethics, his work starts from stories and images produced by our society to transform and rethink them. He has been exhibited at numerous festivals and institutions since 2014, such as Rencontres d’Arles, Houston Fotofest and Chapelle Saint-Jacques. He is now developing a new reflection on artificial intelligence and past images that continue to haunt our new technologies.
“‘Two approaches to understanding the world’. That’s how David Fathi describes his common thread. With a Master’s degree in Mathematics & Computer Science, he combines his artistic practice with a career in engineering, with the same attraction for science and the limits of knowledge. His work with images, whether photographic or video, draws on a wide variety of archives and image banks, depending on the subject, bringing this appropriationist work to the frontiers of documentary and contemporary art. Particularly fond of strange or incongruous facts, David Fathi often approaches them with a piquant sense of humor. By hijacking images, he reveals the discrepancies and absurdities contained in the stories he makes visible.”
Aurélie Cavanna, January 2019

The Machine seems to need a ghost

U2P050, Book, AI generated images, 64 pages, 2022

U2P050, Ensemble of 6 dance short movies (2D images, AI generated images), sound piece, 2020-2021, Musician : Simplon98, Choregrapher : Elise Roy

U2P050, Smack Dat