NMNM – Nouveau Musée National de Monaco


From March 29 to September 29, 2024

Group exhibitions

Curated by Guillaume de Sardes

Pasolini is perhaps the last European intellectual of worldwide renown. Half a century after his death, his influence is still felt in the various fields he occupied: he is read, quoted, commented on, adapted and inspires today’s creators. Although he liked to define himself first and foremost as a “writer”, it was through his films that he reached the general public. Cinema, which provided a sounding board for his political ideas, therefore plays a central role in his work. It is this aspect, seen through the prism of the influence of classical and contemporary art on the aesthetics of his films, that “Pasolini en clair-obscur” is particularly interested in. Excerpts from Accattone, Théorème, Salò and others are set against paintings by Pontormo, Pieter Claesz, Giorgio Morandi, Fernand Léger and Francis Bacon.




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Angelo Novi

Courtesy Nouveau Musée National de Monaco

Miquel Barcelo

Courtesy Nouveau Musée National de Monaco