Passions partagées

Wednesday, April 17 to Monday, September 23, 2024

Group exhibitions

Curated by Marie-Charlotte Calafat

An unprecedented dialogue between the Lambert collection, in particular those donated to the French State, and the Mucem collections.

The exhibition follows Yvon Lambert’s career, starting with his connection to Provençal and Mediterranean cultures, then focusing on a number of themes around which the two collections dialogue: the popular and the everyday, man and nature, poetry and literature, intimacy and existence.


Champ de visions

From Saturday, September 16, 2023 to Tuesday, September 16, 2025

Lucie de Bodinat, Alexandre Mouillet, Cyrille Rocherieux, Fernando Torre, David Veis

A constellation of glimpses unfolds on the pink skin of the Mucem Conservation and Resource Center. With the installation Champ de visions, artist Mathilde Rosier dresses the façade of the CCR with some fifty glass eyes, as an invitation to come and take a closer look at the collection… An installation to be discovered from the European Heritage Days 2023.


Paradis naturistes

Wednesday, July 3 to Monday, December 9, 2024

Curated by Bernard Andrieu, Jean-Pierre Blanc, Amélie Lavin, David Lorenté

Today, there’s a new craze for nudity in nature, a craze that goes hand in hand with the quest for healthy, vegetarian diets, natural therapies, meditation and outdoor yoga. These lifestyles, as well as the rejection of diktats weighing down on our bodies, are all keys to understanding the issues at stake in the naturism of yesterday and today.


With your VIP card (valid for two people) you benefit from free admissions at Mucem from August 26 to September 8 included. Please check the opening times and dates on the website.