mountaincutters form a duo of artists. Their artistic practice combines sculpture, installation, photography and is based on a way of thinking and perceiving space. They graduated in duet at ESADMM Marseille


Hybrid identity, the duo mountaincutters practice mainly in situ sculpture, radically contaminating the space of the places where he / she exposes. Echoing this troubled identity is an aesthetic uncertainty, which favors transitional situations and unfinished forms for compositions that are a priori fortuitous, with wild beauty. Corrupted materials and soiled objects, dust and rust invading surfaces and soils, broken concrete, coarse ceramics, water in continuous circuit, mountaincutter installations are traces of improbable activities, suspended between construction and destruction, architecture and archeology, akin to each other sometimes to an abandoned yard.


A crude character, not to say brutal, which the “formless” raises a doubt. Tidy (or rather disturbed) like a carpet under the dust. This obvious aridity, chaotic povera arte trend, does not mask the rigor or the precision of discretely theatrical compositions, which always imply a “hollow” activity. In fact, everything here resonates with an absent body, whose sculptures presented would be the prostheses, rudimentary and insufficient appendages frozen in a functional logic whose finality escapes us. And if it was a theater scene, it would be that of tragedy, or more precisely of its resurgence in the industrial age, with less fever and more distancing.


SPOLIA (2018)
In situ installation, clay, blown glass, copper, porcelain, steel, brass, drawings, rust, cement, video (installation view)
Variable dimension
Courtesy of mountaincutters